Petra Cave inside

Exploring Jordan

Jordan. . . . feel like Home...... 

By Nima Gupta

Jordan is a place influenced by European ,Asian, Middle Eastern & a confluence of many ancient way of living life. This country is wide open for exploring mainly possibilities what's so ever can come to a human mind and a kin traveller. Jordan is one of these countries with rich history, background, flora and fauna resembling the rich heritage of being human and not machine. If you have emotions, care for others, smile for strangers, concern for mankind and nature, ease to approach and affectionate feeling, you have every reason to visit Jordan without any hesitation.

We selected this place based on history ,culture and to understand &  see new seven wonder of the world & unique geology of the magnificent desert called Wadi rum. Our tour was mainly focused on to see trekking possibilities in Wadi rum linked with walking through historical alleys of Petra, a dream city of mysterious Nabataeans. Dead Sea was another attraction of Jordan which was always in our mind as we used to think  how can something be so attractive even is dying! More over it is one of the lowest point on earth where one can walk without an oxygen mask, though it is 400 meter below main sea level.

We while planning this trip, excluded wild Jordan and Red sea adventures for the present visit  as we only planned for a week . Wilderness , wetland & other activity related to RSCN (Royal society for conservation of Nature) will be included in our next trip .

Here we are sharing the information and pictures of the real experience of more than half of the Jordan areas with treks and balloon ride as special events. 

Jordan Tour

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karak castle entrance


Karak is a small town but of historical importance because of castle.

Karak castle is situated strategically to have overview of all surrounding area .

Castle has many underpasses, catenary features, arcs, tunnels, water ways & corridors through which entire castle is bonded together. Huge doors, brick works, stairs and verandas show that there were many people used to live in the castle at the same time with different levels.

This small town has interesting market which depicts local culture & many activities.




Karak castle
Karak castle inside

Karak castle outside view


Karak castle front view


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Karak castle inside 



Dana Village


Dana nearly 400yrs old village situated en-route to Petra .

Dana reflect the history in a flash when you visit here. This village is supported by UN project and is a heritage in itself, though there are not many habitats except small homestay. Most of the houses were lying vacant and there prevailed absolute calm which was differently soothing.

This village is located at a lower elevation than that of the main highway and more or less in a valley surrounded by Dana Biosphere.

There are many hiking treks passing through this Biosphere and this area is having water springs too.

Its good to have the feel of this village and refresh yourself with local herb tea.

Dana Village - overview  



Dana Mountain


Dana trees

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Dana sunset

Dana area




Petra is that part of history which reflects the genius of mankind and their     understanding of life and its interaction with the surroundings. Using nature for such sustainability level needed great Vision and planning and involvement of people from their inner consciousness and spirit.

Petra gives pose at every moment with such a great detailing which   mesmerized us. We observed the man-made caves and natural mudstones sculptures are different from any of the historical places and gave us a different concept of Geology and Geography as a whole.

  History is scattered before you inviting to soak in the time when it would have been at the best and still reflect the rich past. . . . . ………

                  ‘ Ruins are speaking the beauty of the past’…

A full city below the history and with such great and vast planning and housekeeping which speak out the vision of those Nabataeans people who really thought of each and every comfort of life right from the water management, market places, worships, township management, entertainment, community work and public addressing etc.

The mystery of Petra, if you are not aware of the Petra, you cannot imagine that such a huge city is present behind these hills. This is the hidden city and planned by those wise people who cared for safety, security and welfare of their own people. 

Petra Treasury


Petra - Bedouin

before the siq - horses


The Siq


Treasury Treasury petra

Caveshorse carriage


Treasury DonkiesTreasury

Treasury up to the monastery



Petra donkey petra

colonnade street view from above


monastery side imagemonastery view


colonnade street





after the treasury

Petra by Night

’Petra by Night’ is a cultural activity which is organized to take the audience back in history and feel the richness of that time through arrangement of candle lights all along the path up to Treasury .

Folk music, song and magical candle lights with shimmering golden hue mesmerize and make you calm to your soul and infect you feel becoming a part of rich heritage.

You travel down memory lane in that Era when people think for nature , care for each other & surroundings to save the natural resources.

Petra is a UN heritage sight and hence no electricity is allowed in entire hidden city. Petra by night is an hour long programmed in front of Treasury area where everyone has to sit on ground and fell all the elements of nature listening to magical folklore and wind. Fortunately for us it was a moon lit night and all the natural sculptures felt like talking to us and narrating the story of their time. We saw life scattered every where, in every stone, and in each sand particles.

You travel down memory lane in that Era when people think for nature , care for each other & surroundings to save the natural resources.

That was Petra by night.


Petra By night Candle Petra By night

Petra By night Candles



Turkish Bath

A must . . . . . unforgettable experience. . .

Pampering yourself in a pure herbs steam ,hot n cold water, scrubbing,

massage n bath  in a traditional way by genuine traditional masseurs . . . .

Gives you upmost relaxation, cleanse  and rejuvenate in a traditional way. . . .

wash off all your tiredness and freshen up your mind n body. . .

And after bath ..the herbal tea makes you more soothing n relaxing......

We really enjoyed the entire traditional process of taking bath  and definitely recommend to try  once if you are in Jordan.



Rare combination of hills and desert with amazing geology, geography, vegetation, human activity looks like a living desert and talking to you at every curves, each bend, turns and every undulation. Wadi Rum has unique features like murals made by people which indicates life at that time and prove that there was movement even in desert. You can feel repeated lava flow ,mud flow, lost rivers and other tectonic activities while venturing through this grand spectacle of nature. It looks like nature has carved shapes in to the soft hills which were later smoothen by wind and heat. There seems to be big play of water in the past and there are many rift areas which would have been grand water falls in the past.

Wadi rum has very unique features of having cold & hot wind fronts because of hilly and desert combination which is helpful in Aero sports activities in the region. There are many camps and arrangements ,but local Bedouin camp will be best to feel this desert. Barbeque food, Bedouin camp, camel ride, jeep safari, herb tea and bright smiles of locals can only make your stay memorable in Wadi rum and not a formal trip.

Steam engine, meter gauge and cute Wadi rum railway station were like surprises to us and we visualized steam train taking us inside the dramatic Wadi rum desert. In fact that was present in the history and currently being used the goods only.


wadi rum





mountains mountains

Abu Yosef Bedouin campView





Bedouin camp Abu Yosef

camels nabataean inscription


Train - Rummountain

Train - RumAbu Yosef - 4x4 Jeep


Ballooning at Wadi Rum

We can not give words after seeing Wadi rum from 5000 ft. It looks like

You are seeing earth from space.

Mysterious Wadi rum can be seen and feel best through ballooning.

Amazing experience from 5000 feet above MSL. 


Mountain hot ballon viewMountain and landscape hot ballon view

Landscape hot ballon view

view from ballonHot Ballon

Hot BallonMountain view

Dead Sea

You are at dead sea but you are not dead even at a level of -400 MT which means 400mt below mean sea level. Its a strange feeling and difficult to digest that such a high pressure can be tolerated if you want to do so.

Water saturatedly absolute salt and dissolved minerals feels like colloidal solution thick enough to sit over it.

We felt it quite strange that so many people virtually celebrating death of a natural resources only because its strong enough to cure their diseases’. Across dead sea we can see Israel.

Taking mud bath and floating on water even though you are not a swimmer are the curious reason for visiting dead sea.


Dead Sea - SunsetDead Sea - beach

Dead Sea - Sunset time

Dead Sea - Sunset time

Dead Sea - Sunset time on the beach


Dead Sea - Sunset time on the beachDead Sea - morning time on the beach



after sunset watch

dead sea view

beach and sand dead sea


capital city of Jordan, like other historical city of the world also has two faces, modern and old, but in general it was quite clean and orderly. The feel of the city is pleasant with very friendly attitude of people.

We overviewed the Amman city n the people on our last day trip.

Entire trip from landing at Queens Alia International Airport ,on arrival visa, exploring country side & villages ,historical places & even capital city Amman, was quite scintillating. We had some

of the best local vegetarian food , affectionate hugs, smiling faces, green surroundings, a pleasant weather(like Bangalore) , neat n clean country side and aroma of fresh olive oil........ Desert was singing , whispering & standing in form of natural castles made of  dramatic formation & always felt light living and moving with us as a welcoming guide.


Amman - city viewAmman - city view

Amman - city view

Amman - city viewdown town view


Roman amphitheater



Citadel - Hercules temple Citadel - Hercules temple

Citadel - Hercules temple Roman amphitheater colonnade street


Downtown by night Downtown traders

Downtown by nightRoman amphitheater


Jordan........ Life time memorable experience..... 



a travel agent-Travel Jordan agency,

a wonderful person....relates with people n connects thro’ heart........

His belief and attitude is the main attraction,

we loved the way he said......

    ….........”my real profit is your satisfaction” ......

He is the right one to show his own country with great involvement and

right guidance as per your choice & make your trip life time memorable.

If you like to explore, experience n feel the REAL JORDAN than Hani is the right person.

Enjoy Jordan with Hani........