Petra Cave inside

Is Jordan safe?

We often generalise and associate the Middle East with images of war and terrorism. The current unrest with ISIS and the war in Syria doesn’t help much either and unfortunately, Jordan is more often than not, bundled up with its neighbouring countries. Few people add it to their bucket list of destinations and it’s such a shame because it is far from hostile.

Despite its location, Jordan remains untouched by the turmoil going on in surrounding countries. It is considered the safest place in the Middle East and has been for a very long time. Its crime rate is extremely low and limited to pick pocketing.  Borders are heavily patrolled by both the Jordanian army and police ensuring the country’s security.

You will be overwhelmed by how welcome you feel when you arrive. A stark contrast to the stigma attached to the Middle East, Jordanian culture revolves around food and hospitality. Visitors are repeatedly asked to tea and welcomed into homes with open arms and warm smiles. Jordanians absolutely love to host and you will experience this everywhere you go in the country.

If you do run into trouble, the emergency number to call is 191. Otherwise, let go of you fears and add Jordan to your list. It is the safest, easiest way to get a taste of the Middle East and forget about those nasty preconceptions!