The Bedouins

When you travel east of the King’s Highway to the desert lands (like Wadi Rum for example), you will undoubtedly meet and have tea with a Bedouin family in their camel or goat hide tent. Note: you will drink a LOT of tea on your trip through Jordan—they absolutely love it.

Is Jordan safe?

We often generalise and associate the Middle East with images of war and terrorism. The current unrest with ISIS and the war in Syria doesn’t help much either and unfortunately, Jordan is more often than not, bundled up with its neighbouring countries. Few people add it to their bucket list of destinations and it’s such a shame because it is far from hostile.

Awesome Jordan - till we meet again

I think Jordan is a great country (coming from Doha and UAE)!!! And I must admit that my experience in Jordan was beautifully enhanced by Hani and Jabreel's assistance.

We covered Mt Nebo, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Dead sea, Jerash. We did not rush our tour but everything was just timely. So at the end of the tour we were not too exhausted as we always had enough rest time during the night.


The Jordanian Experience on 29th April 2014

I had a four-day window of time to fill en route to Israel. I have always wanted to visit Jordan to see Petra. My experience in Iran of seeing King Darius’ tomb in the precipitous cliff at Naqsh-e Rustam, a short distance from Persoplis was a great curiosity for me to compare these cliff-face mausoleums. Petra, I guess would be worth a tantalising visit. I scoured the Internet for a reliable Tour Agency to provide me the experience.

The Dead Sea ultimate guide

The Dead Sea is over 400 metres below sea level—the lowest point on Earth. While heading down there, the differences in pressure may affect some, particularly people with sinus or ear problems. Chewing gum can help so be sure to have some handy.

While the Dead Sea area is one of the safest places to sunbathe, known for solar radiation therapeutic UVB, sunscreen and re-applying now and then is still essential. Sunburn can get pretty nasty and we all know that it can ruin your trip.

General tips when travelling to Jordan!

Plan your outfits ahead of time and try to pack only what you need. If you can, try fitting everything into a carry-on bag. It will help you avoid the headaches of checking your luggage as well as remove the potential of losing anything in transit. If you’re changing planes/airlines with a carry-on bag, be sure to check the limits on cabin luggage as they sometimes vary. 

To save space, we suggest packing travel size toiletries (less than 100ml per bottle).