About Travel Jordan Agency, Your Local Tour Operator

Uniqueness defined by you

With carefully tailored itineraries with you in mind, your discovery of Jordan will be like no one else’s. Whether you’re an eco-trekker, spiritual-seeker, or business professional, with our vast expertise we can cater to all your individual needs.

We act as your personal expert holiday designers. We manage all aspects of your trip, from customised routes and accommodation, to tour guides and activities. Our team has 15 years’ of experience under its belt and a lifetime passion for Jordan, as we truly know the country inside out.

Travel Jordan Agency (Rond) has an array of accommodation options for all levels. We have chosen the best within their category—whether it be a 5, 4 or 3 star hotel, you will travel in style and are ensured a comfortable, luxurious stay. Moreover, we provide you with friendly and knowledgeable guides and drivers who will accompany you throughout your trip, so you can be rest assured that your experience goes smoothly with the help of locals. 

Travel Jordan Agency (Rond) welcomes you and your guests to Jordan.


Our Vision

Traditional tours are a thing of the past. Safety concerns, the financial crisis and globalisation have changed the traveller’s priorities and at Travel Jordan Agency (Rond), we’re up to date with all these new trends and demands.

Our priority is to listen to what appeals to you as a client, and maybe make a few suggestions of our own based on your requests. Our ultimate outcome is your dream holiday, one that meets your desires to the finest of details. In other words, Travel Jordan Agency (Rond) endeavours to bring you face to face with what you want, the way you want it.

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer our customers a complete tailor-made trip, providing you with affordable superior services you can enjoy with others, while preserving the excursion’s uniqueness.

We love to go that extra mile to make sure your experience with us is a memorable one. Activities like tours of classic ruins, curative healings, eco-travel, bird watching and various hiking trips can be adjusted to cater to your requirements

As our young and energetic team has extensive experience exploring this rich country, we know all the unique spots—where to dig, where to sail, and ultimately how to create a life changing experience just for you.